BlinkStick 1.0.1

Is there any way of illuminating all of the LEDs using the Test facility in BlinkStick 1.0.1?



You have to set the internal mode of the device to mode 3 (LED mirror mode). Afaik there is no GUI for that at the moment. If you only want to illuminate all LEDs for test purposes i prefer BlinkStick Status:

The new version of BlinkStick Client application is going to be released on Monday. It will have this facility and much more.

Am I missing something or has the new release not been released? I can only see a download for version 1.0.1

Thanks you


Theres no new release yet…

Hello, got my blinkstick and LED adapter lighting my computer case. One thing, the software does not turn on the LED lights upon boot up. Just wondering if/when a new version of the software is coming out. :wink:


  • Chris

Hey Chris,
the BlinkStick Status already has this function. It can automaticly turn the light on after boot up. Just give it a try if you like. It is also a beta but it works for my case.

ah cool I got it! awesome!

A release candidate of 2.0 has been released, please find more information about it here:

Could you update the python api so when the setmode sees the same mode is already
set hat is requested the eeprom isnt written to?

Will look into this. Now you can simply do get_mode to check if the mode needs to be changed.