BlinkStick Status 1.0-beta release

Thanks for your feedback! :smiley:

Hi @arvydas, This software looks great and is the reason I decided to go with blinkstick for my Lync LED desk integration project.

I’m waiting on my blinkstick and neopixels to arrive but I had a quick look at the software and it looks really good but was missing a feature I was looking at programming myself (until I saw your software).

I am going to be using a Teensy to emulate a HID keyboard so that when I hit a big button on my desk it will send through a “Windows + F4” which is the toggle Mute shortcut in Lync.

So the feature I am looking for is on the “Status Colours” tab to also have a pattern for when I am on a call but ON and OFF of mute. Like a “live” light they have in radio stations.

This stop the frustrating times where you talk for a few moments and you then hear a colleague say “Er… I think you might be on mute …”

If the code is is open source I’m sure I could fork and push the feature but if you want to keep it closed then adding in the feature would be greatly appreciated.

Great work on all of this and kind regards,


This feature would kill it for me! I’m now using my blinkstick for notifications of incoming calls and IM’s rather than my status, which its perfect for.

The option to display when I’m muted and when not, would be amazing!


@andrew_savill This seems like a great idea! I’ll open source the BlinkStick Status application on Github. Will let you know when it’s available.

I love this utility, and I have my BlinkStick Strip hanging above my cube and blinking proudly when I don’t want people bothering me. Unfortunately the utility seems to be having problems lately. As the day goes on, it stops updating the strip with the proper color, so I have to exit Blinkstick Status and restart it. Is anyone else having this issue? I’m using it in conjunction with Lync 2013

@rogerharkavy, could you please enable logging in Advanced -> Logging -> Full and leave it running. When problem occurs, could you please click the link Open Log Folder in the same settings window and send me the log file to info at blinkstick dot com.

Okay, I will let you know.

@arvy: It sounds like the problem I have. As I said Blinkstick stops working during the day. As far as I know Strip and Square are basicly the same.

@p0ke: Roger reported that restarting the status application seems to resolve the problem. I thought that you have to unplug BlinkStick and plug it back in?

You are right, sorry

Played around with BlinkStick Status. I’m only using the “Automatic away” function. After a while the light color receives no update like roger said (it stays “green” (available) but i´ve been away from the pc for several minutes). BlinkStatus seems to “hang” then, I can get the TNA menu but cannot control it and it persists on the screen. It seems you retry the getfeature “endless”?!?
Restarting BlinkStick Status solves the problem.
I sometimes have problems with setfeature in my NotifierLight, too. Could it be the hidsharp library we are using?

My OS here is Win8.1 (4.0 KB)

Hi, Arvyd. Had it happen today. Booted machine, logged in to Outlook and Lync, started doing some work. Blinkstick Strip is green. Got an IM from a colleague, BlinkStick Strip turns flashing red. IM conversation turns into a Lync call. At the end, the IM/call window is closed, but BlinkStick Strip stays flashing red. I exited the utility and zipped up the log for you.

Also, using Windows 7 with all the latest patches, Lync is 2013 ( MSO ( 32-bit.

Hope this helps! (3.1 KB)

Hey Arvy,

it seems there is a GDI object leak in your tool. GDI objects will be created with any status change and it looks like you never dispose them. If somebody use this tool intensively it will reach the windows limit for GDI objects.
Could be a problem with the status color in your TNA icon.
You have to approve it, you know I´m only amateur :slight_smile:

Arvyd, I just wanted to let you know that the problem occurs on a machine with a fresh install of everything including Windows 7 and Office 2013. Strangely, BlinkStick is no longer writing content to the logs, they’re all empty files, so I have nothing to share with you.

Hey Arvy,
can you upload the sources soon? I really like to know how you handled some things controling the device.

Thanks :smile:

I would like to see the sources also.

Btw. Does the BlinkStick Status set the mode of the Blinkstick Pro to normal when it’s started? How does the program find out that if WS2812B leds are connected to the Blinkstick Pro?

Hi Arvyd,

I just wondered if there was any update on the new features such as Mute / Not Mute status or opening up the sources?

I’m looking at buying another board but just waiting for this mute feature.

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@arvydas Any love on the way soon for Status? It only seems to work with the first of a multi-LED stick (nano, in this case). And some of these other features would be awesome!

managed to get the other LED working on the nano. had to use the testtool floating around the forums to set mode to 3. though it still loses connection to lync sometimes. for example, on a call, it flashes/glows like normal but eventually just stops doing that and just sits red as if only busy and not on a call anymore.