Work in progress: BlinkStick Client pattern editor

Been working on the new pattern editor window for BlinkStick client. Here are the features currently implemented:

  • Custom pattern types
  • Pattern preview on the BlinkStick device and BlinkStick photo
  • Customizable pattern animations
  • Pattern animation reordering

Planned features:

  • Support for BlinkStick Square and BlinkStick Strip
  • Color index selection for multi LED devices including BlinkStick Pro

If you have any suggestions, please let me know by replying to this topic and I will implement them for the next release.

I’m planning on releasing alpha preview of the new client application some time next week.

Hey @arvydas - any news on an early alpha version?

Cheers - James.

Not yet ready, but coming very very soon. I’ve decided to detach Lync and Outlook support from the client application as there is too much complexity with all the notifications already in place. This is going to be a standalone application to integrate with Microsoft Office as it’s very Windows specific. Here are some screenshots to increase your appetite :wink:

I’m currently integrating this with Lync 2013 only. What version of Office and Lync do you have? Also should I assume that you are using Windows?

Hey @arvydas - thats definitely whet my appetite!

I use exclusively Lync and Outlook 2013 on a Windows 8.1 machine. This is my work device, my personal PC is a Macbook but I never use Lync or Outlook on that.

I’m really looking forward to seeing it - thanks for keeping us up to date!


Excellent! I’m developing for Office 2013 so it’s going to be a perfect match. More details to follow soon!

Cool! Soon you have the complete NotiferLight feature pool directly in your BlinkStick software :wink:

I doubt that :wink: It’s very unlikely I will support other LED controllers.

would be cool to some how implament i2c.

great idea to detach lync and use a separate app for it,i wont ever use it and makes sence to move it.

also i think all the sticks should have separate apps and more options for blinkstick pro,i would like to controlle pro with the patterns like blinkstick 1.1,when i go into patterns only blinkstick 1.1 is shown,i would of thought the pro would of had priority there as its got more leds and can have way more patterns that the single led 1.1 blinkstick

I have plans to add more sophisticated animations for BlinkSticks that have more than one LED. I’m currently investigating option to allow pattern scripting with some sort of programming language.

Oh ok still work in progress,thats ok then,i look forward to fuuture options,i understand this takes time and i can imagine your very bussy indeed. :wink:

I know this thread is old but I would like this feature. I have the blinkstick flex and square and would really enjoy having those pattern animations work :slight_smile:

Afaik the pattern editor is part of the current release of the BlinkStick Client.