Using morph on blinkstick pro with smart pixels

Hi folks, I’m a novice with both the blinkstick and python. This is my second noob question with more to come I’m sure.

Using a blinkstick pro in mode 2 with 2 smart pixels connected to R channel. Trying to set color and morph the two pixels but am getting errors when trying to control the second one (index=1). index 0 morphs the first pixel no problem. What am I doing wrong?

from blinkstick import blinkstick
bstick = blinkstick.find_first()

bstick.set_color(channel=0, index=0, red=0, green=255, blue=0)
bstick.set_color(channel=0, index=1, red=0, green=255, blue=0)
bstick.morph(channel=0, index=1, red=255, green=0, blue=0, duration=500, steps =100)
bstick.morph(channel=0, index=0, red=255, green=0, blue=0, duration=500, steps =100)

Hey Dillon,

please take a look at this post:

The lib does not seem to work for single LED pulse. Morph is the base for the pulse function so I think it is the same problem.

Ah. You are right, same issue with pulse. Ok well good to know it’s not just me. I wonder if there are any plans to resolve that? Or if anyone has written a workaround that does something similar to those?

Only know that it have to be fixed. :wink:
Workaround could be to program an own pulse function which do not need to get the current color directly from the device.