Blinkstick Nano bottom led morph and pulse cause error



I’m trying to control both of the BlinkStick Nano leds (top and bottom) separately with Python. I am able to use all the led control methods to top led with index 0, but only color setting and blinking methods work with bottom led (with index 1).
When trying a basic morph or pulse to the bottom led by giving an index of 1 to the method, I get the following error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "C:\Users\******\******\*****\NetworkStatus\", line 114, in <module>
  led.morph(index=1, green=255)
 File "C:\Python27amd64\lib\site-packages\blinkstick\", line 713, in morph
  r_start, g_start, b_start = _remap_rgb_value_reverse(self._get_color_rgb(index), self.max_rgb_value)
 File "C:\Python27amd64\lib\site-packages\blinkstick\", line 378, in _get_color_rgb
  data = self.get_led_data((index + 1) * 3)
 File "C:\Python27amd64\lib\site-packages\blinkstick\", line 472, in get_led_data
  device_bytes = self._usb_ctrl_transfer(0x80 | 0x20, 0x1, report_id, 0, max_leds * 3 + 2)
 File "C:\Python27amd64\lib\site-packages\blinkstick\", line 235, in _usb_ctrl_transfer
  return self.reports[wValue - 1].get()
 File "C:\Python27amd64\lib\site-packages\pywinusb\hid\", line 1522, in get
 File "C:\Python27amd64\lib\site-packages\pywinusb\hid\", line 1375, in set_raw_data
  byref(self.__raw_data), len(self.__raw_data)) )
 File "C:\Python27amd64\lib\site-packages\pywinusb\hid\", line 395, in __init__
  raise helpers.HIDError("hidP error: %s" % self.error_message_dict[error_code])
HIDError: hidP error: not value array

Have I missed some functionality issues or what could cause the problem?

Thank you in advance!

Error when trying to use pulse() multiple times

Hey Matti,

it does not seem to work for the python lib at the moment.
Blink and static color don´t need to get the colors back from the device. There seem to be a problem getting the colors back from single LEDs. It also does not work for BlinkStick Square.
So i think @arvydas have to take a look into it.