PROBLEM: Pro+Adapter: Color stuck ON


Good day. I bougth two pro&adapters. One seems fine (mode 1, inverse i think, because i have +GRB strips). With the other, i think RED and GREEN are stuck on. Even with the adapter decoupled from the led-strip, two colors remain on, possibly same problem as in this thread Problem with Green Always On . Connecting only BLUE to the R connection on the adapter: BLUE light. Connecting Blue to the G connector: BLUE light. All back to the way it is supposed to be connected: RED and GREEN on. Irrespective of either of the two Led-strips i use. Now what can that be?
Hope you can help me further in this… Brgrds Peter.


Hey Peter,

as you´ve said one of the pro/adapter works fine. So first of all you should find out if the adapter or the BS pro itself is the problem.
btw: I can´t see a power supply on your image.


Hi P0ke. I only put the wiring and the led-strip in the image, not the powersupply or the computer. I stated one of my two pro&adapter combinations performs as it should. I assume the powersupply is OK.
putting the ‘good’ adapter on the other BS behaves perfect, but the fawlty adapter on either BS or even without a blinkstick attached just keeps R and G on. (i removed the power inbetween every decoupling and coupling).
So i would say the adapter is the problem. What would be the next test?
(Edited: In dutch, we call a powersupply an “Adapter”. Sorry for the confusion here )


We plan to replace the USB-relay-board to something more controllable for the software-health indicator-lights that we just upgraded :slight_smile:


@arvydas Could it be a broken adapter?


Do i need to buy a new one?


write a PM to @arvydas