Outlook 2010 New Email Alerts and Meeting Reminders

This is really a “pre-sales” question but Support seemed like the closest category.

I’ve spent some time on this site trying to find this out myself. I found a reference that the old client software had some Office integration but the new 2.0 version doesn’t.

Anyway, simple question. I would like notifications when I receive a new email message and/or when a meeting reminder pops up.

Is that integration available via the new 2.0 client or is there a tutorial about how to generate scripts that might accomplish this?

I’m running Outlook 2010 via Exchange (not sure what version Exchange they are running).

I’d also love to have it notify me when I get a new IM via Cisco Jabber 11.7 but I didn’t find anything to hint that was possible.


Hey Aric and welcome to the forums.

For getting a notification on incoming emails (using BlinkStick Client) you can choose between a GMAIL, IMAP oder POP3 account. Maybe IMAP will work with your Exchange account.
For any other function as a connection to the Outlook API for email or appointment reminder or a Jabber connection you need to develop your own application or a BlinkStick Client plugin.

Example links:
C# Outlook Integration:

Demonstration for communicating with Jabber:

Thanks for the quick reply. I will investigate if they have POP or IMAP access turned on. However, it was the following two threads that lead me to believe I could have more integration into Outlook.


But I couldn’t really tell how they were integrating. Although perhaps it had to do with this news post:

I went ahead and wrote my own code to do this. I’ve created a thread with the link to GitHub here: Notifications for meetings and new email from Microsoft Exchange Server using EWS