Coming soon: Ability to control BlinkStick from Microsoft Office products

I’m currently working on adding the ability to control BlinkStick from Microsoft Office products. This includes all products that support VBA scripting: Access, Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. This will also cover all other application that support COM interoperability.

The image above shows Microsoft Excel file which controls BlinkStick and the code to access the device looks like this:

Sub ButtonUpdate_Click()
    Dim finder As New BlinkStickFinder
    Dim led As BlinkStick

    Set led = finder.FindFirst()

    If led Is Nothing Then
        MsgBox "BlinkStick not found!"
        Call led.SetColor(Cells(6, "B").Value, Cells(6, "C").Value, Cells(6, "D").Value)
    End If
End Sub

All color animation functions already work with just a few API implementations still missing.

Edit: The library has been released.

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