NotifierLight application with BlinkStick support

René (@p0ke) has created an amazing application called NotifierLight. It controls your favourite indicator light in your office, call centre, hackerspace or at home. It is under active development and has lots of really nice plugins:

  • TAPI events (Incoming call & busy line)
  • ODBC (Event on changing data values)
  • Incoming email
  • System params (drive space & CPU usage)
  • Locked screen

Just as any project, NotifierLight has a story behind it. René writes:

I´ve developed the first version of NotifierLight in 2012. The goal was: Show the current state of a call center agent with an indicator light (a RGB LED device in this case). Is the phone line busy, is the workstation locked (colleague not available) or is the agent in a important hotline case and don´t want to be disturbed. Read more…

The great thing about this application, that it’s not limited only to BlinkStick, BlinkStick Pro, BlinkStick Square or BlinkStick Strip and controls many other types of LED devices. Make sure you check out this neat NotifierLight project!

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Thank you for the great introduction! :blush:

Hey @p0ke - can NotifierLight use a BlinkStick to emulate the functionality of a Blync or BusyLight with Lync?

I use Lync 2013 for my work voice comms and tested your app but it didn’t seem to reflect my Lync status… was I missing something?

Thanks, Jay!

Hey Jay,
thanks for your request.
Lync would be possible but somebody have to develop a plugin then :).
We´re already thinking about this but don´t have a Lync for testing purposes in the moment. Maybe the solution from casper_bang can help to develop a plugin in the future.

thanks for the awesome information.