LED matrices: A small case study

I was searching after a good alternative for a LED matrix.
The Adafruit matrix is very reliable but it is not the cheapest. On the opposite the Shenzhen and Honkong stuff could have problems with single LEDs (the delivery needs a lot time also).
But the matrix from DIGI-DOT seems to be a good catch.
It can be ordered on amazon:

(can also be found on amazon.de)

Of course it works well with the BlinkStick Pro. To test the matrix, I´ve build a small test tool.

The brightness is set to the lowest value by default but can be changed up to 50%. The size of the matrix can also be changed (default is the max value of 8x8). Left click to a pixel sets it to the current color, right click set it back to black.
As a special you can export the code for the SetColors (C#) and set_led_data (Python) bytes to the clipboard. So you can “paint” on your matrix and save it for a later use in your C# or Python code.

Feel free to download and play around with it.
Download BlinkStickMatrix

A small update for BlinkStickMatrix:

  • Now frames can be added (set time per frame)
  • Save and load your work in a file
  • Choose between different device types (Matrices(A and B only differs in the wiring), BSSquare, BSStrip, BSNano and PixelRings)

Just set your options like device type etc. and choose File -> New Project. If you´re ready with adding your frames and colors, choose the code tyoe you want to generate and chose File -> Generate Code.

Hello there @p0ke ,

First I’d really like to thank you for this useful tool :slight_smile:
I mostly use it for my Blinkstrip. It helps me a lot when making animations for it in Python.
I wanted to ask if you still have the Microsoft Visual Basics Project laying around somewhere, I would like to edit it to make it more easier to use with the Blinkstick Strip.

Hey Cherry,
thanks for the compliment :slight_smile:

BlinkStickMatrix is not written in VB. I can of course give access to the C# codes but the other way could be to tell me what you like to have in this tool to make it more easy to use with BlinkStickStrip.

Hey @p0ke,
Thanks for the the respond :slight_smile:
Could it be possible to work at the first frame and than change to the second frame etc. and than export the code already set together? Also in between them you can select how long the pause in between should be with time.sleep . I would really aprreciate it if you could change the setup from the pixels to a normal Strip, not a Matrix. I hope that is possible for you to do :slight_smile:
If not an access to the Code would be good as well :wink:

Hope to hear from you again.

Just set rows to 1 and columns to 8 and you have your strip :slight_smile:

I´ve send a link to the source over PM.

I´ve changed somehing regarding BlinkStickStrip.
You can choose between Matrix, BSStrip, BSSquare and BSNano.
Additionally i´ve implemented a faster picker for the most important colors.


You´ll find the changes in the download link above (first post)
I hope it helps.