On-Screen LEDs emulator?

Hello all! My name is Juris, I am from Riga, Latvia (Lettland for germans). I am new here, but otherwise i am electronics hobbyist for decades, and fan of music-to-light effects, amongst other things.
I am trying client software, and I was kinda sure such software would have virtual LED(s) simulation. Is there not (yet)?
Another thing, usually for such open sourced projects somebody is making and uploading ready-to-use .HEX binaries. Is there such thing? Searching come up with nothing.
Greetings and Thankyous to Author for this project!! :slight_smile:

Hello Juris and welcome to the forums,

there is no on screen emulator for BlinkStick. In the BlinkStick Client you can see the color you have set. I think the device is cheap enough so there is no need for emulating it in my opinion.

I´m not sure what you mean with .HEX binaries. The BlinkStick Client software is basicly a .exe and the installation includes all DLLs like the BlinkStickDotNet.dll which is “the engine” for controlling the BlinkStick devices.

Hello, thanks for answer. .HEX file is for “burning” (uploading) it to microcontroller. But, actually, never mind that my question, I installed AVR-GCC tools, and now I can generate .HEX from downloaded source code just fine. I am electronics engineer, so I am making hardware myself.
About on-screen LEDs simulation/emulation, it is useful if there are plans to buy long strip or LED matrix square, so before do that, you can test how it actually would look. Like in this project, for example (second screenshot from top) :
Or this:

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Ah ok, got it with the HEX file :smile:

Regarding the emulation: I´ve made a small and dirty tool for LED matrices. Take a look at this:

OK, it cannot be used for LED strips or so, but in general it could be something you are looking for.

Ah, interesting. Thank You, p0ke! :wink:

At the moment the tool is limited to a 8x8 (rows;columns) matrix but internally it could be work for more. Let me know if I could help with a small change in the tool…