Green channel stuck on

I hooked up my Blinkstick Pro to my LED strips with some MOSFETs and it looks like everything works except the green channel is always on. I have already replaced my transistors and the problem in not with those, the wiring or the LEDs. Is there some way I can diagnose the problem on the Blinkstick? Also I am using the Blinkstick client 2.0-rc4 for my testing.


You could do a test with a mutimeter. Is it really the green channel of the BlinkStick itself?
Please also try to switch to Inverse mode in the BS Client app and see if something changes.

If nothing helps could you please post a picture of your circuit?

It is the “g” pin from the blinksticks. I am on inverse mode normally and RGB mode make all the LEDs light up all the time. changing colors looks like this: white=white, green=green, black/off=green, red=yellowish.

My MOSFETs are 30N06L, gate to blinkstick, drain to LED, and source to GND.

Do you have resistor connected from BlinkStick to mosfet?

I don’t have resistors. I wasn’t sure if they would be necessary but I don’t think that is the problem anyway. If I put another color LED on the green channel it will always be on.

They are necessary. Without them too much current goes through the microcontroller and damages it…

So I need a new chip? Can you give me the part number please?

It’s an ATTiny85-20SU

I got a replacement chip and I tried it but the driver won’t work with it. This is the chip I got
Error code 43

It looks like I have the same problem as this thread Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)
I tried the link posted on it but no luck. Also this only happens on the new chip, the old one works fine.