Control multiple LEDs on Flex via website API?


Is there some way to target a specific LED in a Blinkstick Flex when sending information over the website API? I am able to easily control the FIRST LED via the web, but cannot do anything with the other 31.


Do you want to do this using BlinkStick Client application or an API implementation?


Hopefully using the Python API, as the Client Application crashes when I attempt to link it to (“Unfortunately BlinkStick Client has crashed :frowning: Details available in log… The application will now close.”).

Using the Python API, I can successfully control the first LED, as mentioned above. However, I’m not sure how to allow for targeting the other 31 LEDs on the BlinkStick Flex.


@schellenberg Would you be able to send me the logs to info at blinkstick dot com?

The website API was designed for original BlinkStick with just one LED. Things have advanced and I wasn’t sure that anybody was using the website to control BlinkSticks :smiley: I’ll update the website and the client application to allow control of patterns, colors and LED indexes. Will keep you updated.

Would you be able to let me know what kind of control you need so that I could implement it according to your needs? Your ideas and requirements would be very helpful! :smile:


As per your request, I sent you an email with the relevant log info (looks like ‘log4net’ is the culprit).

In terms of what kind of control I need, it’s pretty modest. I teach computer science, and would like to set it up so that students in the lab can update the LEDs with a specific RGB value. This requires an API call that adds an additional parameter to set_color, perhaps something like
set_color(self, LED_number=0, channel=0, index=0, red=0, green=0, blue=0, name=None, hex=None).


Indeed it’s log4net. I can see that you are using RC1. This issue has been fixed in later releases. Please download RC4 available in the first post:


Hi @arvydas,

We are also using the Website API. In fact, We have just one of those, but we plan to deploy many of them in our customer’s premises to trigger their attention (computer notifications are not enough for us).

We’d like to trigger different patterns to notify the user. We’d love to fire the pattern via web API, but having those preset would be fine too.

Do you plan to implement that? We’d really love to have it, it’d be a killer feature for us.

Thank you,