BlinkStick Visualization Showcase


Something a bit more solid than that ambilight clone imo. And unlike my last visualization post, these are all done in real-time thanks to the amazing work of Will Yager. The first 3 scripts are music visualizations and take the backend of Will Yager’s script and visualizes the numbers in different ways. The last 3 are all kind of ambient visualizations.

The code for Will Yager’s visualizer can be found here:
You just need to modify inside Audio Processing to output to whatever LED strip you have and you’re good to go. You can safely ignore everything not inside Audio Processing.

BlinkPulse - Based heavily off Will Yager’s script. Most of the music visualizers are. They just take the audio stuff processed by Will Yager’s scripts and then force it into different shapes. Available here:

BlinkFlash - Again, based off of Will Yager’s script. Source available here:

Fire, Storm, Fireflies - Not a music visualizer. I just made them to look neat. Storm (along with a few other scripts not in the video) is used to show me what the weather will be like that day while I’m getting ready in the morning. Source available here:

See the video’s description for more info.

BlinkStick Client Crahes with Many Error Windows

Looks really cool. This is what i’d like put inside my pc case. Can I ask you what/how many blinksticks and led’s you are using? Is it just the blinkstick flex? or do you have the pro and some other led’s?

Also, when might Blinkflash be available?


Yep, just using a BlinkStick Flex. The code for blinkflash is available here.