BlinkStick Square and BlinkStick Strip

I’ve released 2 new products called BlinkStick Square and BlinkStick Strip. The idea was to have more than one LED in a nice little package with ability to show multiple notifications on one device. I’m having plans on creating a 3D printed enclosure for both devices and I will keep you updated with the progress.

Both are almost identical and can be controlled just like BlinkStick Pro. You can send data as:

  • an LED data frame which is named SetColors or set_colors in any of the API implementations
  • single LED color with an index which is named as SetColor or set_color

Click on the images to find out more!


any news on the enclosures?

I’ve hacked together a simple diffusor for the Blinkstick using an empty multivitamin tab tube:

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Thanks for sharing your diffuser! Looks absolutely fantastic :smiley:

I do have a proof of concept 3D printed enclosure for Square and will be working on an enclosure for Strip some time later. If you are interested and would be willing to purchase a Square, I could send you the enclosure together with it free of charge.

Here is how it looks like:

And here we are with a picture with this enclosure in action :smile:

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@arvydas yes, im interested in a Square and the free enclosure. Thanks!

I’ve just placed the order #1623.

Thanks for the order, will add the 3D printed enclosure! I’ll have it pre-assembled for you :smiley:

So my father bought me an BlinkStik Strip and i connected it and when i select the device and set the color to red only the first led blinks . @arvydas

Sorry for my bad englisch

Hi Tom,

The current version of client application available to download does not yet support all features of BlinkStick Strip. I’m currently very intensely working on the update which will have lot’s of new and exciting features and will be able to control BlinkStick Strip individual pixels.

If you are up to learn some programming or if you are already familiar with a programming language, you can find many API implementations already available which can control individual pixels of BlinkStick Strip.

I’ll post an update tomorrow with the new planned features for BlinkStick client application. Beta should be available early next week.

Thanks man thats really nice too hear

I’m looking at getting a BlinkStick Strip. Would it be possible to grab a trial enclosure too? Happy to pay for it :smile:


@brynmoorhouse I currently have the enclosure only for the Square. Don’t have one for Strip yet, but I will be more than happy to send the enclosure for free with an order of the Square :smile:

Okay, any ETA for a strip enclosure? I’m happy to wait a short while.

Also, I’m correct in saying I can control each LED on a strip individually (e.g. when event 1 happens, LED 1 turns on, when event 2 happens, LED 2 turns on) etc? If not, then I guess as square and strip do the same I could go for a square :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure yet about Strip enclosure yet. I’ll see if I can come up with something over the weekend.

Yes you are absolutely correct: each LED on Square and Strip can be controlled individually. That’s effectively 8 individually controllable LED notifications on each device.

Is the offer for free enclosure for Square still available - I’m interested and purchased BlinkStick Square just moments ago.

Yes it is, I’ll have the enclosure included with your order! :slight_smile:

Too late for me to get in on the square enclosure goodness? :slight_smile:

Just ordered the Square literally 10mins ago and then set about looking at something to put it in that was more elegant than sugru and a stick! This enclosure would be perfect.

Absolutely not too late @james! I’ll have the enclosure printed, assembled and posted for you tomorrow! I actually asked you about the enclosure on Twitter litrally 8 minutes ago just as soon as I got your order :wink:

I’d also be interested in getting one of the square enclosures if the offer is still on the table! Just ordered, #1780