Blinkstick OFF or black gives blue color



Since a while I suddenly have a problem with my blinkstick. When I switch off the led’s or choose the color black the leds are not off but displaying a faint blue color. All other colors seems to work fine but this problem also appears in the ambilight feature and thus are dark images resulting in a blue ambilight. I played a bit in the settings but no succes. See the attached images for a display of the problem.

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What LED device you are using?


I’m using Philips LEDDC12v2.3w RGB lightstrips with the original Philips powersupply. The strips and powersupply are directly connected to the blinkstick led adapter board. No additional controller/electronics are used. This worked fine in combination with the Blinkstick earlier.


Im not sure about that, maybe you can post an image of how you have connected it excactly to your LED adapter. I had problems with missing GND or wrong wired LED strip. Maybe you´ll find something helpful here: Pro led Adapter with Dioder


The white cable connects to the ledstrips as you can see in the second image.


Ah wait… you have the Inverse mode. Switch the mode to RGB in the client and see if it will change something.
In your pictures I can´t see if the wiring is correct. But please try to change the mode first.


Yes, inverse mode is configured since the beginning. Worked good before. RGB mode gives incorrect colors. I tried again but still incorrect colors. When I use turn off in RGB mode the led’s stay turned on in yellow color.

De cable is connected as follows:


Incorrect colors in RGB mode means incorrect wiring. The “black” wire says to me that this is the GND and not the VCC.
I need to know more about the device itself but I would recommend to use the RGB mode and put the black wire to the GND pin. This should be the base for further analysis of your problem.


I would like to try your suggestion but my led adapter board doesn’t have an GND connector i’m afraid.


Take a look at this post: Pro led Adapter with Dioder
But I would prefer if @arvydas could give an official statement if this can work.