Blinkstick Flex + Raspberry pi2


I want to connect 4 blinkstick flex on a raspberry pi 2 via usb ports and be able to turn the led strip on and off and change colours with a custom made program. Is this fesable ?

I have been looking hard on the web to find a solution to what I want to do.

Thank you very much.


Welcome Xavr,

have you taken a look to the tutorials?

Blinkstick tutorial

The video behind this link also giving advice:
Wait a minute, Mr Postman

Is that what you looking for?


That seems about right :smile: but will I be able to do this with 4 blinkstick flex ?


The BlinkSticks are basicly the same. The blinkstick python package of course fits for flex, too.

Just took a look around in the forums and found this thread:

There are also few tipps for RaspP and BlinkStick.