BlinkStick Client 2.0 crashes with AmbiLight

I´ve tried with a BlinkStick Pro in Inverse Mode on Win10. Playing with manual colors or patterns works as expected. If I´m adding an AmbiLight notification BlinkStick Client crashes but there´s no hint in the logs.
When I´m restarting BlinkStick Client and try to delete this notification it crashes after the confirmation dialog, so there is no way to delete this notification anymore.

Just released an update for the application that should fix this issue. Can you please install the updated RC2 and LMK if it works for you?

No, sorry. :pensive: Cannot edit, cannot delete. BlinkStick Client hangs and stays in the processes after closing.

Can you please send me the logs to

Also tried to delete all the settings and reinstall the BS Client, but still no luck :confused:

Hi everybody,

Up this post because i get my stick ( Binkstick pro ) since 2 days.
I wanted to mount it on a Ikea Dioder.
Some welding and launch the beast on my home media center.
At first tested with 1.0.1 application.

Some remarks about 1.0.1 :

  • Everything working excepted ambilight

So i installed 2.0 sofware :

  • All as said upper by p0ke, when you want to switch by desactivating in check case from mood to ambi, software freeze and all light shut down + software freeze

  • If you force sofware closing, process still runing, and you can launch and get runing more than one at the same time

Here my LOG

Description :
Un problème a provoqué l’arrêt de l’interaction de ce programme avec Windows.

Signature du problème :
Nom d’événement de problème: AppHangB1
Nom de l’application: BlinkStickClient.exe
Version de l’application: 2.0.5850.30507
Horodatage de l’application: 568e98d6
Signature de blocage: f6ba
Type de blocage: 0
Version du système: 6.1.7600.
Identificateur de paramètres régionaux: 1036
Signature de blocage supplém. 1: f6ba1bf62c5fea91a1555f7fc337d9ac
Signature de blocage supplém. 2: fcb6
Signature de blocage supplém. 3: fcb6c8313af7f65cfde924beb7c685e4
Signature de blocage supplém. 4: f6ba
Signature de blocage supplém. 5: f6ba1bf62c5fea91a1555f7fc337d9ac
Signature de blocage supplém. 6: fcb6
Signature de blocage supplém. 7: fcb6c8313af7f65cfde924beb7c685e4

Lire notre déclaration de confidentialité en ligne :

Si la déclaration de confidentialité en ligne n’est pas disponible, lisez la version hors connexion :

Sorry guys, in froggy language ^^

Can somebody could help me


I try on my 3 differents computers
The first one in W7 pro with S.A.R.A.H on it for home automation & Net 4.5 & kinect Hack
The second one on W10 pro & Net 3.5
The third with XP pro SP1 & Net 3.5

Same results on all tested.

Hope somebody could help me please.



it´s a known error which is already in progress.

Hi, nice :smile:

But did you really done it work in ambilight mode with 1.0.3 software ??

Where can i get 1.0.3 version ?

Please waiting for your answer.


Here is the last Version 1.0 I can find. In this version Ambilight working well.

Ok i tried again 1.0.1, and after windows bsod … finally it works fine, thank you :smile:

Work fine under VLC or Wmplayer, really great.

But it shut down under Xbmc/Kody.

Any idea ?


My statement on this is, that Kodi uses (as far as I know) DirectX and Ambilight in BlinkStick Client 1.0.1. does not work with DirectX. DirectX support is part of BlinkStick Client 2.0, but Ambilight is still broken there. So we have to wait patiently :smile:

Maybe it will work with Kodi´s Boblight AddIn, but I have no experiences there :confused:

Hi! I’m still experiencing crashes on 2.0 with Ambilight and it seems to be because of my high resolution display. I tested at 1080p and the crashes stopped. Is there a way to run Ambilight in low resolution (rather low sampling) mode?