Blinkstick as Ambilight by Gaming


Hey, i use a blinkstick pro with IKEA Dioder and it works great to Desktop, Browser and Video. But when i start a game the color is freeze with the same as the Desktop.

How can i fix this Problem?

Many Thanks and Happy 2015! :wink:


Games are not supported yet, but they will be supported in the next release of BlinkStick Client application in early January.


This is fantastic, thanks for the quick reply.


No problem. Happy New Year!!! :smiley:


It would be interesting how you gonna solve this. DirectX?


Yes, DirectX. I have found some code samples which require injecting code.


Is there any update on this? Would the latest 1.0 beta enable video games ambilight?


@zguegxl The new version of client now supports full screen DirectX games. You can check it out here:


I’m using the newest BlinkStick Client 2.0 release, but i Ambilight does not work for me in any game.
On Desktop everything works fine, but as soon as i switch to the full screen game the color freezes.


What’s the screen resolution you are working with?


My resolution is 2560 x 1080.
Do you think this is the problem?

Tweaking color output of AmbiLight

Yep think so. I´ve tested up to 1920 and it works, but all users talking about problems have some “higher” resolutions.
If you like you could test 1920 (width) or below and give us a feedback.


Yes you are right. When i lower my resolution to 1920 x 1080, everything seems to work fine.
But unfortunately that is no option for me because i love my ultrawide monitor.
Isn’t is possible to get this working with higher resolutions?


Thank you for trying. It is of course no option. I fear it is the DX library. I will try to find the time to look into it generally. And I hope @arvydas will also :smile: