WS2812 module with blinkstick pro


I have ordered this WS2812 module from ebay. Is it possible to connect it with blinkstick pro?
I’m thinking to built a custom blinkstick PCB, connect it with this module and leave it pemanently below my screen acting as a notification center.
It looks like a NeoPixel Stick clone but as I can see in the pictures the leds have 4 pins. Probably they are WS2812B.

WS2812B Support

Yes, it’s possible to connect the LED strip to BlinkStick Pro. The communication to WS2812B is compatible with WS2812S.

Would love to see your custom made PCB! If it’s not too much trouble for you, the Projects category is the one to post to. :smiley:


Is this support ? :smile: :smile: :smile:


APA104 is only similar, its not WS2812B. So you have to try it… should be possible for 2.38$ shouldn´t it? :smile:


I’ve looked at the specs for the APA104 and it seems identical to WS2812, but APA102 is not going to be compatible with BlinkStick Pro until I release a firmware update.


has any one tried APA104 yet? or is there a Firmware update?


Hey Lucas,

as stated by @arvydas APA104 should be identical to WS2812. I’ve compared the datasheets. The APA104 datasheet seems to be a copy of the WS2812 sheet.



But i haven´t tested APA104. So maybe you could be the one to test it and share your experiences :smile:.


I have got a type of ws2813 led
seems better than ws2812b with double signal,
but I am not very sure whether the ws2813b can be control with the same code as the ws2812b.


I got sk6812 led,it has the same protocol with ws2812b,does it connect with blinkstick pro?
SK6812 led datasheet:


Please take a loot at this post: Red & Blue swapped on different leds