Windows Client. What can I do with it?

I have downloaded the Windows clients and Python Api implementation. The Python examples have been very good and I have managed to program a number of patterns on a square.
I cannot find any documentation about the Windows client or what I can do with it - other than testing.
Thanks for any help.

There is no documentation at the moment. The BlickStick Client is for testing purposes, right. But you’re also able to be notified on different events like incomming EMails, CPU usage or using your BlinkStick as Ambilight. You can add and configure new events at the main window.
It is not much you can do with the client software at the moment, but I´m very sure there will be more functions in the future.
I recommend to take a look at BlinkStick Status. This is more like the office tool for the BlinkStick.

BlinkStick Status 1.0 beta

Many thanks. I wasn’t sure what the client was for.
I will keep playing with Python!