Weird device name and serial number


Thanks verry much for that,ile try use different serial if i can just needed to put eeprom backj but ime gona open it and see whats inside first,ile not use remote any ways :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi again,can you please add normal flash hex ime not able to compile the source code,i can flash but it doesnt seem to work,i cant seem to compile as make all doesnt work but program command does but ime not sure if its flashing properly,but i can flash the dump of the main flash hex.thanks in advance


How excactly did you try to compile?


avrdude ime a noob to all this programming,ime ok with some bits but ime trying things out by try and error ime using windows 7 can you explain as simple as on how to compile all the firmware,also when i get it sorted again i was stuck on how to change the mode

#Import blinkstick module
from blinkstick import blinkstick

#Find the first BlinkStick
bstick = blinkstick.find_first()

#Use R, G and B channels to control single RGB LED

what do i do with the code above,its python i think but ive no ide how to exicute it,ive downloaded python too.ime ok with arduino etc and program avr but anything els is all new,i try and lern but its hard as i dont know any one who can explain things,its ok reading it but doing it totaly different.


Hey dunkyoung,

it is hard to give a extensive python knowledge here. I also had to find out myself as I´m not a python pro, so I needed a lot google :smile: .
Put the lines above in a python script (create a texfile and name it for instance). Then execute this script over command line.
Example: pyton

Hope it helps a bit.


aww yes i did think that but didnt try it,ive done stuff with python with my raspberry pi2 a wrote a pwm fan controller,ile give it a go,as for compiling firmware,i read use ruby,ive installed ruby but there is so many differant ones,witch is best,or witch one did you mean to use?


Hi,ime gona buy a few more of these if i can get to grips with it,ile buy one of each of everything,does it come from england?


Yep, from the UK.
Please find the products here:


Wow some nice goodies,ime buying four products tonight at midnight,ime buying the two in one blinkstick pro and blinkstick,its £15 or somthing alike,also the nano and the tiny little thing that goes on neopixel strip,also may get the external power board so i can power long single color strips,i love my leds ive thousands of them,flickering flashing rainbow color changing,lol yes ime and led freak geek :stuck_out_tongue: and my collection just about to get bigger,although i hope i can get my head around compiling the firmware as its verry important to me,as my other blink stick gets corrupt al the time,ive tryed other chips on it,it doesnt seem stable,the driver doesnt install and somtimes it installs a driver thats nothing to do with the blinkstick lol dont know what thats about,so where will i get the nano firmware from and my other boards firm ware,i take it they all use differant versions etc and there is the id issue on eeprom,all good stuff it will keep me busy for a few weeks months,ive spent two days messing around as it is,ime none the wiser for it :confounded:


Hi can any one tell me how to install ruby as i need to recompile my blinkstick firm ware,its corrupt and only just bought it,its got weard music symble infront of the serial number,realy need to compile the ruby ide,as its all in source files,what ever happened to good old exe ive no ide how to compile anything,ive been into this stuff for years but just find it all inpossible to understand,turtorials just make no sence its like there aimed at people who allready know what there doing,people who write tutorials must forget how basic laimans terms they have to be,its like learning french,any help would be great,i need step by step,like press this press that then etc,i could do with someone installing ruby from source and each ation they do just write it down,ime sure i can follow that.please please help or can it be emailed to me ready compiled,


Hey. First of all I have to say that I´m not very familar to Ruby and stuff. I´ve tried that as follows and it worked for me:
Download the ruby installer for windows (version 2.2.3). Install it (it is D:\ruby22 in my case). I had to set the PATH variable to d:\ruby22\bin to get it to work.
That´s all I can say for the moment. Otherwise wait for @arvydas, hopefully he can give better advice on this.


hi i do have the serial number i wrote it down,can i just put that in text then convert to hex then upload to eeprom? will that work.when i downloaded ruby it was just a load of files not exe,i just google ruby installer and got exe just what i wanted,i had no idea how to install from source files,lol right at least ive proper ruby to play with,just got to figure out how to compile the firmware default,i think thats what i read compile default or somthing,i dont know if it will jenarate a new serial or what,ile go have a mess.ime worried about about my fles blinkstick,if that corrups thats bad cause its soldered to board.does anyone elses blinksticks corrupt often?


YEEEPEEE ive figured it out,its quite easy,i kind of knew what to do its like using avrdude,only thing is its not showing up with serial but it shows connected ile have to play around more,ile put my serial in the serial text template and se if that flashes the serial.ile post all my findings on hear so others can do it too if they have problems,


Any one know how to compile the eeprom,i have my own serial,i just dont know how to fix that,i can flash new firmware etc and eeprom but ive no eeprom to flash when i comile the main hex with make etc it doesnt produce the eeprom to flash,thats all ime having trouble with now.


poke just to let you know ime not using your eeprom dump ok so you can use remote or whatever it is,ok



I also get no serial Number .
Can anyone Help ?