WebUSB Test Page


Thought I might start a thread to track WebUSB developments.

Chrome v.61+ is now shipping with WebUSB default enabled. This is a new standard that allows web pages to interface directly to USB devices.

I found a WebUSB Support Checker static site zip. I installed it on my website here. WebUSB pages apparently have to be delivered over SSL to work.

WebUSB detects and connects to BlinkStick and my mobile devices on Windows 10.

However on Linux (Ubuntu), it marks “General Support” with an “X” when I attempt to connect to BlinkStick.

The error in the Chrome F12 console is:

Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: Access denied.
serial.js:26 This error is probably intended, can't claim all the interfaces.
Error: DOMException: Unable to claim interface. (BlinkStick Flex)

Suspect the UDEV rule for BlinkStick on Linux needs to be tweaked for WebUSB. I shall post a working rule here if that is the solution.

Apparently WebUSB does not yet allow HID access, or any other usb interface with native drivers.
So a firmware patch would be required for Blinkstick (currently HID only) to work with WebUSB.


Thanks for sharing. Never knew about that WebUSB thing…
Maybe you could also share a small example of how to use it with the Blinkstick (a simple blink or so). I´m sure you´ve already tested it :slight_smile:


To use WebUSB with BlinkStick, the firmware would have to be modified and a javascript library would have to be written.

WebUSB just handles detection and connection to the blinkstick usb firmware HID interface. WebUSB does not allow access to native drivers like HID, so the firmware would have to be modified to provide a WebUSB mode.

Yes, it is pretty nifty and would allow developers to instantly and painlessly develop with BlinkStick.