Warning: I have just broken off the usb connector from my Blinkstick Square

While trying to insert my Blinkstick Square into an enclosure I accidentally ripped off the micro usb connector from the board :cry:

Oh, that’s unfortunate! :frowning: Did you make a custom enclosure?

I have used a semi-transparent plastic ball that used to contain an RGB LED, and a button cell battery.

The opening really neatly fits the diameter of the Square. Unfortunately, to insert the USB cable, I had to apply some upward force.

Now that I look at the Square again: Would it be possible to solder an USB cable to the USB2 pads?

@arvydas: I remember you had a “prototype” of the Square with a USB connector at the bottom… Is it still in production and could this be the solution for Olav´s enclosure?