Vb.NET - Working Example with Source Code


I actually write in VB6 but simply cant get the control to work - fails with automation error.

Anyway, so I have decided to try and write a sample application in VB.NET - now i really, really am new to vb.net.

I stopped trying the new versions of VB.net after microsoft issue vb7 - what a failure.

Anyway, have to try - so here is my example in VB.net - 2019.

The entire source code is here for you to reference, if you are like me then looking at code sometimes is so much quicker and simpler than reading mixed help guides.

The app shows;

How to set the colour using the color, hex and rgb

It also shows you how to set / unset the different colour leds - 0 to 7.

I have the blinkstick

Please note - this is only my 8th attempt at VB.net so please accept that the coding may be repetative.

Any comments welcomed.

Vb dot NET example with source code.zip (711.3 KB)

I downloaded your attachment, and I see the DLLs and an EXE, but I see no source code. ??