VB API - All leds at once


I just receive my BlinkStick Flex a few days ago. Blinkstick is a bit overkill for my purpose but it seems to be the simplest usb-controllable leds.
I’m wondering if anyone use the VB API? it doesn’t seem to have been developed for a while at the expense of the python API.

For now, I’m trying to get all my leds to blink at once. Is there any other way than to loop on every led? By switching my blinkstick to mode 3, I manage to make 8 leds flash in one command. I’m having a little trouble understanding the reason why…


The SetColors() method seems to be what you’re looking for. Lets you set all LEDs at once instead of individually.

Thank you for your help, I didn’t notice this function in the docs.
Anyway, even with blinckstick client, I can’t control further than led number 8…

Up, nobody can help me?
Is there any way to reset/reflash the firmware?


Check out the documentation on the different blinkstick modes. I think the one you’re in is called mirror mode. I don’t know what its purpose is but it limits you to 8 LEDs.

Here is my configuration and my test code,

About blinkstick mode, it is correct according to the doc:

Still no chance to get this working. On visual inspection, it doesn’t appear to be an electrical problem. The led strip is intact…

Happy to help here! Is there any particular reason why you need to use VB for this? Would you be OK to use VB.NET as it is a bit more robust?

I have to interface with a script that I’m not the author of that runs in vbscript, on a machine that I don’t have control over…

I tried in python and it’s doesn’t work better. I looks like my blinkstick is just broken? I don’t trust it anymore. Too bad it was for industrial use…

I think I just sorted it out. You can grab the latest version of BlinkStick Interop from here:

And you can see a sample code in the Wiki: