Using blinkstick flexes with an electric drum kit

Hi all,

I’m new here and did some searching through the forums but haven’t found any solutions yet.

Here’s what I’m going for:

  • Tape 5 blinkstick flexes to the inside of each 5 drums on my electric kit
  • Trigger short lighting events when i hit the corresponding drum (maybe use the MIDI output from my drum brain)
  • When a drum is not being hit, have the drums do various ambient effects (fade, pulse, whatever)

Is this possible?

If so, what products would I need?

  1. 5 of these
  2. MIDI to USB adaptor?
  3. ?

I’m aware of products like DrumLite but they only light up when you hit the drums, and don’t do anything else when you’re not hitting them.

Any help to get me started would be appreciated. Thanks!!

Oh! This is so coooooooool! Yes it is possible! I’ll see if I can create a proof of concept by the end of the week.

Awesome!!! Really looking forward to see what we come up with here :slight_smile:

What’s the word? Anyone have any ideas? :slight_smile: