Tweaking color output of AmbiLight

Hello there!

I was just quickly wondering if it is possible to “tweak” the colors of the ambilight?
With this i mean: If i had a picture of a green field with some yellow flowers and a blue sky, my ambilight gives me the color White (mix of the total color input i guess). Now i’d prefer it to give me a color green there for example since it would be the overwhelming one (the most obvious one, the one that catches your eye most). I know this might be either complex or not even possible. But i wanted to ask nonetheless.
This is also a ‘problem’ when i have a picture of a forest where almost everything is green but it still is green-white-ish. This also happens if i have pictures of the sea (not only blue but again blue-white (which is actually quite alright) or for example a fire, instead of being red-orange-yellow-ish, it’s pretty much white-yellow.

So i guess my question is: Can i change the amount of ‘white’ in my ambilight?
I understand this might not be possible and that would not disappoint me, i am just curious if it can be tweaked.

Please take a look at this post where we experimented with some kind of solution you might looking for.

Please note this is only for testing purposes.

I appreciate the link, though i saw this before i posted (should’ve mentioned that).
I suppose the ‘colors’ tab is meant for changing how i want the colors to look. so if I would want my red to look green, i change the value for red to green, correct?
This is not the case for me. No change is applied, and i see no difference. Not on a single setting do i see a difference, but i see it did recognise my serial number and what blinkstick used.

Also, in previous posts we mentioned that my resolution (2560x1440) and my client (1.0.3 since on latest my ambilight doesn’t work) might’ve been a problem. This is just a quick reminder :slight_smile:

Hey Arno,

It calculates the screen color and pick the most common color of the list. So if the calculated color is orange but in the list is only red, green, blue, it will pick red. Means: If you remove white from the list it will chose one of the other most common colors.
So you cannot “change” a color.
Please keep in mind: It is definitly something for experimenting. I´m not sure if this tool will work in any cases.

For the problem with high resulutions also take a look at this post:

For my application I will take a look into it as soon as possible. But regarding BlinkStick Client it is part of the developer himself. Can´t say anything about the progress.

Alright thank you for the information i will keep it in mind! Would be very nice if the ‘tweaking colors’ would work, so that you could for example chose to have more warm or more cold colors (just an idea).

Thank you for the explanation, i will test both the resolution and the color tweak!

P.S.: I tested the tool, removed all colors and added only red, but still no change, i suppose it just doesn’t work for me. But there is no need to fix this whole issue just for me. I understand you cannot always be bothered about small problems! I am still happy with the blinkstick client! I had just wondered whether i could tweak it!