Synology BlinkStick



I have installed python 2.7, boostrapped my synology for opkg and installed libusb, installed pip libusb1, blinkstick.
When I write blinkstick in terminal I get ValueError: No backend available.

I have spent over two days trying to figure out why it is still giving me this error but no success yet.
Is anyone able to help me please?



Hello Bogdan and welcome to the forums.

I´ve copied a possible solution out of a reported issue in github. Maybe this could be helpfull also in your case:

If you already have BlinkStick Python package installed, please run the following commands:

sudo pip uninstall -y pyusb
sudo pip install pyusb==1.0.0b1

If you don’t have BlinkStick Python package already installed on the system, run the following commands:

sudo pip install pyusb==1.0.0b1
sudo pip install blinkstick

Test by running the following command:

sudo blinkstick --info



Unfortunately I still have the same problem. I have tried this myself some time ago.
I really want to get this to work.
This is a screenshot of what happens after the commands above:


Definitely seems to be a problem with libusb. No idea what excactly it could be.
Please take a look at this thread:

I hope it helps.


Synology doesn’t have apt-get.
I can only use opkg but it does install the same version.
I have the ‘executable’ in many lib folders but it doesn’t seem to be picked up.


Hmmm… I would really like to help but for me it is a bit fishing in muddy waters…
You´ve tried for days… I think you already have found this one:


This is what it is looking for… Shouldn’t it be I have renamed it and so on but it still doesn’t work.


I think this could be due to some sort of problem preventing PyUSB from finding libusb on Synology. Also you should be using libusb-1.0 for BlinkStick.

Have a look at this thread as you may find some useful information:


Yes that was a type when I wrote 0.1 instead of 1.0.
I have read that yesterday but there is nothing that worked unfortunately…


I have seen other users attempting to us BlinkStick with Synology, but I don’t think anybody had success. Can you tell me the model number of your device I could look up to see if I can buy one to test myself?


It is a DS216+II.
There are many ways for blinkstick to display Synology tasks visually including showing download status, ping check and so on. There are so many ways that I can use blinkstick with it.


Thanks for the info. Just ordered one and should arrive on Monday. I should be able to hook it up and see how to get BlinkStick running on it. Will keep you updated!


Thank you :).
Let’s hope your Synology comes handy!


Well, based on your description it seems to be a very cool device! And you can never have too much of NAS storage :grin:


The operating system is amazing (obviously a few issues if you are trying to break into it like with blinkstick). That is the main reason I bought it. You can get git/svn gitlab, http, anything basically live in a few moments. It even supports docker.


This sounds even better! Just for gitlab it is going to be worth it then!


Hey arvydas,

are the any news about your attempt to get a blinkstick work with a Synology NAS?


I would not count on him.
He is really unprofessional.

I have received a defective blinkstick, emailed him 5 times in total and he only said that he is busy. Been months now and he completely ignored my request and the synology issue.

I would not recommend anyone to buy these.


I do not agree. I´ve got a lot of professional support. I can only explain a missing reaction with he did not receive your message. I will see if I can reach him somehow.