Support for .netCore target


The project I am working on, requires deployment to windows 10 IoT which uses .netCore currently


are all targeted at .NetFramework

Error when adding reference is below.


You already answered it, the BS .NET interface is not made for .NET Core. In the end @arvydas should be able to port the BlinkStickDotNet.dll to Core but I wonder if it is also possible for the HidSharp.dll.


Upon review my post, I’ve suppose I wasn’t clear, in that I was asking for it to be ported.

At this point though, given the pains of Windows 10 IoT and Universal app restrictions, I’ve dumped it and .net and moving to linux/python.

So no rush for it on my end at this point.


See the new info from Arvydas in this thread:


I’ve been following a thread on .Net Core usb support. Looks like it is supported now.