Strobe Effects Different Colors At Specific Htzs


I am new to blinstick and also new to programming but I am trying to make a device that will flash the LEDs as a strobing effect at variable HTZs. I am not sure if this would be something easy to do or if anyone had any examples but I am happy to learn as well. I also am trying to get two of the devices to do the same patters or even alternative patterns at those frequencies.

Thank you for your support or feedback

Hey @lee!

Super easy to do everything! You can use the Client application or write your own code. Just let me know the programming language and how you want it to behave. I will give you all the info.



Thanks! That would rock. Once I get things figured out some I will let you know. I would be happy to compensate you for the help if that is allowed here.

I’m not doing this for compensation :slight_smile: I just want everyone to love BlinkSticks! Don’t worry about it! Just let me know what you need and I will get it done.

Thats greatly appreciated. Here is a little more background.

I am using led strobing effects to alter brain states and study the effects of these states with EEG devices. The strobing effects need to match specific brain patterns based on frequencies. Those states are Alpha, beta, theta, gamma. I also would like it to respond to specific htz such as if I change the frequency to 40.8 htz it would flash at that rate.

If I could set the color for these patterns that would also be interesting as as specific colors effect congnative an imational states as well, and combining them together would be useful in further studies.

Last, the ability to program a series of states of a period of time would also be helpful, so that say it moves from 4 htz to 30 htz over a period of time, or it does 4 htz for say a period of time and then starts to 30 htz etc. These would need to be able to be changeable.

I would guess C++ is best to write this? I don’t know how easy it is to change with your software as I just ordered these so they should be on their way to the states soon.

Please let me know your thoughts on the subject. Again thank you for your support and what you have made. I didn’t notice you were the founder before.


Just saw that C isn’t supported, so I would be glad to use any programing language you think would be best for this. Sorry about that.

This. Is. So. Cool!!! I will build the app for you so you can control all the parameters. Please let me know the OS you need this on. It will be open source so you will be able to change it if you need to.

You are a godsend man. I will be using windows 10 for this. Two USB inputs for the PC (or a hub whatever is needed) one for each eye.

There is a decent amount of research in this area of using LED systems to help people with depression and even Alzheimer’s so I am seeing about how well this work for specific brain states and if it does well I will be seeing about making this something that others can use and of course purchasing a lot more of these bad boys!

Thanks again!

Wow. I’m on this 100%. I am very busy now, because I’m moving my business out of UK due to Brexit. If you don’t hear back from me please ping me on this forum until I respond. I will try to do my best and find time for your project.

@arvydas I got both the blink sticks squares in today. They are really great. I am happy to work together on the program you are talking about. Please let me know if its a good time, glad to chat with you about it or we can communicate through the forum.

Thank you,

also are these full-spectrum LEDs?