[SOLVED]Blinkstick square not turn off after computer shutdown

Hello Blinkstick support,

I have the Blinkstick2 rc10 client installed on my computer with win 10 pro 64bit, connected to pc there is a Blinkstick square.

My computer is that kind of computer that leave powered on the usb after shutdown, so I thought that the option “turn off all blinksticks when closing the application” of Blinkstick2 rc10 client will solve the problem.

But instead it leave it turned on, like the program got terminated instead of get propely closed.

How I solve this problem?

I think the Blinkstick Client only runs the code for turning off all devices, when you right click on the app-icon in the notification area and selects “Quit”. i’m not even sure if it’s possible to have an event handler for a forcefully termination like a system shutdown :slight_smile:

A workaround could be to use windows “Local Group Policy Editor”(gpedit.msc), to execute a script at shutdown. Here is how you do that.
But first you would need create a standalone script that turns off the Blinkstick for you.

Thank you zu.Bat for the suggestion!

But how I do a script that shut down the blinkstick square?

If you have any programming experience, you could use one of the supported programming languages, to create a script/executable that does this for you. i could compile a EXE for you, but you should never trust an EXE file from a stranger on the internet :slight_smile:

I tried making a script for my own Blinkstick Strip using the CMD DLL, but it should also work for the Square. Using CMD is not the cleanest, but it will do the job, and you can see what the scipt does in a plain text editor :wink:

For some reason i couldn’t get windows to run it at shutdown using GPEDIT.MSC, so i just added a shutdown command to the end of the script, and then run the script when i want to shutdown my PC.
All you need is in the below zip file, and as long as keep all files in the same folder, it should work by running the bat file named “ShutdownPC.bat”.

TurnOffBlinkstick_And_ShutdownPC.zip (258.9 KB)

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Thank you very much Zu.Bat!

The program works perfectly!

Update: I found a way to let it work with GPEDIT, however with only 1 led of the blinkstick.

Go to User Configuration > Windows Settings > Scripts > Logoff > Add, select the “blinkstick.exe” then in parameters put: --set-color “black” --index “2”

I don’t know if putting more commands, one after one, like: --set-color “black” --index “0” --set-color “black” --index “1” , it will works with all the leds of the blinkstick.

Good to hear :slight_smile:

I still couldn’t get my GPEDIT to work, guess it’s some restrictions on my PC… dunno, but great that it works for you.
Maybe you could just repeat the same thing over and over until all LED’s are covered. like so:

I also know that it is possible to run multiple cmd commands in one line by using the character “&” between the commands, but don’t know if that would work with gpedit (can’t really test it myself :upside_down_face:) ->> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/8055371/how-do-i-run-two-commands-in-one-line-in-windows-cmd