Rasberry PiZero and Square- doesn't appear

Hello- I have just purchased a BlinkStick Square and I’m trying to make it go on a RaspberryPi Zero. When I attach the device, I get an LED flash- but it doesn’t appear as a USB device in Linux. Blinkstick command line doesn’t do anything. Is there a way to verify it works? Concerned it’s a lemon. Thanks.

Zero needs an OTG cable to connect BlinkStick. If you have it, then please make sure that it works correctly by plugging in a USB keyboard and checking that the keyboard works. If you get keyboard to work with your Zero, then BlinkStick should work too.

Hello- the Zero is plugged into a hub, via OTG and the other items plugged into the hub (mouse and keyboard) work. Plugging directly into the Zero also attempted, same result. The C2 LED flashes, no response to any command, not present in USB bus. It is possible it’s just DOA?

Unlikely DOA, next thing to check is your USB cable, some of them are for charging only and don’t have USB data lines.

Thanks- I’ve tried a few at this point. I will look to source something very high quality, certified for data. Is there any other troubleshooting, diagnosis that would be done after the cable?

Plugging it into PC would be my next thought and check if it’s detected there. I have BlinkSticks running on Raspberry Pi Zero without any problems.

Okay- will do. Need to source a PC to run the software (bit of a mac office). I will do that.

You can try Python if comfortable. It works on Mac.

Instructions how to install are here:

There is a command line tools that comes with Python module, you can read about options over here: