Rainmeter integration

Hi there, i wonder if anyone could help to create a plugin for the rainmeter app, it would allow vast amounts of control and functionality for the blinksticks, but i am a total noob when it comes to python and scripting. i found it very difficult to get anything working. Rainmeter could in theory make a wonderful GUI for blinksticks, low resource, constantly updated, huge community and integrates with pretty much any data available. requested this on the rainmeter website also, I hope someone can help me accomplish this…for the greater good :blush:

Any help would be appreciated. I do feel awkward asking such a large request, but I have honestly tried building rainmeter apps and got nowhere, it is going to take me a long while to get to grips with programming. On the other hand I find rainmeter so easy to create apps (skins). It seems to offer all the options anyone could need from a blinkstick GUI.

Highly disappointed with the example app. with its single led, no function, left for dead by the creator issues.

I mean even multi led support for the app has been promised for well over a year.

If you can help please let me know, thanks :slight_smile:

I would recommend to take a look in the python psutil library. You will find a lot hints over google.
For example:

I hope this helps

Thank you, I will make a point of scanning through that.

I hope to find some way of integrating directly with rainmeter as it has so many options for input already, and is an existing software I run. If I can avoid having another tray icon app it would be wonderful.
And might even push a few customers towards blinkstick :slight_smile:

I’m going to work towards a weather indicator as a base project. Perfect amount of led’s for a weekly display + 1, with the color options it should allow for quite some detail at a glance.

I made a webpage monitor a while back for gaming and server stats, it would also work brilliantly for that.

I have some work ahead ":blush:

The rainmeter forum members suggested it should easily be possible if I can build a plugin.

Easy for some… :smiley: