Python blink sticks on?


Hi there.

I have a bunch of pis that put out a couple of blinks to nanos for system status. There is no system status that would stall a nano.

But now and then a couple of them blink, but don’t turn off, so they stay lit until the next cycle. It’s not a huge problem, but it’s not ideal.

The code is Python and all very simple, I search for all connected sticks,
Simple blink(r, g, b, index, name, repeat, delay)
Then for each stick found it’s turned off.

I’ve tried putting sleeps in, this makes no difference, I’ve tried changing delays, I’ve tried not turning them off, I’ve tried moving code around, nothing has made the difference.

Anythings to try?


Anyone? This kind of kills what the product is meant to do.


I’ll have a look at this later today and will get back to you.


Many thanks. :o)

Please let me know when you can.


Is there any update on this?

I’m more than happy to have a look at the files. Which would I need investigate and what language?



I’ve had a look through, my python isn’t quite up to this standard, but I can’t see anything that stands out.

I’ve done a bit more testing with my apps, if I send a stick.turn_off, stick.clear, stick.setcolor(0,0,0, blah) they all do the same. I thought it might be they don’t like commands being sent too quickly, but it doesn’t matter if I time.sleep(x) between sending the commands, x being seconds.

As the Clear and Turn_Off seem to resolve to the same routine as Set_Color, which just sets all colours to 0, I’m not sure what to look at after that. Is it possible there’s a problem on the stick?