Problem with UsbMonitor



I recently got a BlinkStick square which I’m trying to integrate into one of my software projects. Right now I’m stuck getting the UsbMonitor to work. I followed the example for the BlinkStickDotNet API but it seems that neither the BlinkStickConnected nor the BlinkStickDisconnected event get fired. Apart from that the device works without trouble.

Upon further investigation it turns out that the DeviceListChanged event of the WinUsbDeviceMonitor class is not fired on connecting/disconnecting the BlinkStick Square

Anyone else experienced similar difficulties or knows a fix/work around?

Additional information:
Device: BlinkStick Square, Agile Innovative Ltd BlinkStick (serial BSxxxxxx-3.0, VID 8352, PID 16869, version 512)
Platform: Windows 10 Pro, 1607
Language: C#, official Microsoft .NET API implementation


Hi Nickless and welcome to the forums.
The example works well with a square. Maybe you forgot the monitor.Start().
Otherwise I would recommend to copy the whole example and test it without any changes or post your source to let the community take a look at it.


Ah, my bad. I had another shot at it and it’s working now.

I made a mistake by removing the call to Application.DoEvents(). Somehow I mistook it for some sort of placeholder method. I totally missed the inclusion of the System.Windows.Forms namespace.

Thanks for the fast reply.