Order seems stuck or lost in shiping

Good day,

unfortunately i haven’t got any shipping updates on the Order #7232 for quite a while now and i think the order should have arrived more than a week ago.

I also tried emailing info@blinkstick.com regarding this, but never got any response.

I was expecting to get my order before Christmas and i still hope that’s possible.

Is there any chance you could do something from your side to get the parcel moving or locate it in case if it is lost?

So i’ve contacted post offices in both countries, the origin and the destination. Poland, the destination country, post office generally responds as follows:

Dear Customer, we kindly inform you that this is non-universal postal service and postal operators are liable for non-performance or improper performance of the Expres PRIME service, to the extent determined by them, only in relation to the senders of items sent in their countries. Therefore, please inform the sender to file a claim with the operator in the country of posting.

For my specific tracking number they say that it is not yet registered on the territory of Poland and therefore only the shipping company can take care of my case.

And the country of posting, Lithuania, responded as follows:

To start the search for an international shipment, the sender must fill in the shipment search form: Tarptautinių siuntų paieška | Lietuvos paštas

The search for an international shipment is free of charge one month after the shipment is sent. Otherwise the applicable fee is 9.99 Eur (including VAT). You can pay for the search by transfer to AB Lietuvos paštas SEB bankas account no. LT71 7044 0600 0018 7388. After filling in the form, please attach a copy of the proof of payment for the search or indicate that the search is free of charge.

Please note that if the shipment is found to be lost, the search fee will be refunded along with the compensation to the bank account you provided.

If you have additional questions, please call 1842 or Facebook.

So it seems like i cannot really do anything from my side to get the parcel moving other that getting in touch with the sender, which i’ve been surprisingly unsuccessful at so far and i find this really frustrating.

Could someone please get back to me regarding this issue?

arvydas apologies for mentioning you, but is there any chance you’re still there and can get this case moving? It is getting really urgent now.

Finally got my order yesterday - all good, works perfectly!

Thank you so much for your help and support!