Order not arrived, shipping issue?

Dear Sirs,
I’m trying repeatedly to contact you via email because of an order (#6415) which never arrived. Could you clarify whether you still exist or not? If so, what happened? Thank you. Cesar Silva

I just responded to you via email. Sorry about the delay. I’m moving business out of UK due to Brexit. Back in operation on Monday.

Thank you for your reply. However you sent me a tracking number. I’m afraid that the package was sent but it wasn’t delivered. Could you clarify whether the package was sent or not?

It was sent and according to Royal Mail and it was handed over to the post office in your country. It may be stuck in the customs due to COVID-19. It is very hard to get a hold of Royal Mail at this time. Maybe could call your postal system and check if they have the parcel with the reference number provided? I will check with Royal Mail on Monday.

Hi again. The package never arrived. Please let me know what you want to do next. Note that in the last month we received 3 orders from the UK (from Amazon and EdmundOptics) without issues (two day delivery usually). So I believe the package is lost. Provided that we need the product urgently, please provide us a solution for this issue asap.
Thank you. Cesar Silva