Operate BinkStick with Hyperion

I’v been using my BlinkStick with Dioder for five years with Boblight now, but it seems Boblight is quite outdated and will not be supported by any new software.
That’s why I looked towards Hyperion, especially because most home media and home automation solutions support it as sort of a standard.
My question: is there a way to operate the Blinkstick/Dioder combination with Hyperion? Or is this kind of blasphemy to ask?


Seems there’s not much interest in Hyperion on Blinkstick side. What a pity…
Seems furthermore I need to retire my Blinkstick. Most pity.

Still working on it :slight_smile: should have a release some time this week.

Wow! Now I’m impressed!
Thanks for this aspiring reply!
I’m really looking forward to this :slightly_smiling_face:

Any news on this topic?

That’s sort of a delay, isn’t it?