Only 8 LED are on (Blinkstick Flex)


SetColors only send the colors as package to the device. The most important thing is, if the tools shows 32 LEDs for the devices at startup. If so you should be able to use BlinkStick Client as usual.


Aww i see,well cliant still only 8 leds


Weird, user Karsten told me it worked for him :disappointed:


Aww just started working now,i restarted client,thanks verry much p0ke :stuck_out_tongue:


@p0ke does your client have crosses in the three boxes at the top,mine has lost the bin etc too xamarin installation seemed to have messed my client up.


have the same problem


And a reinstall of the Client does not help? I don´t work with Xamarin at the moment…


No reinstall doesnt help,well only when i uninstall xamarin first,ile try to recreate the problem later today and see at what point in the installation it messes up client,as i remember it happened as i was installing an addon to xamarin or an update,but ime not sure ile look into it later.


after the install from xamarin i have this problem…a uninstall doesn’t help . i delet all of xamaria reinstall the client and the problem still there


Hi @Snake delete gtk sharp,then reinstall client,then it should be fixed,when you install xamarin it updates the gtk sharp for client and as far as i can tell thats the problem,mine is now fixed hope this helps,uninstall it from controll panel then programes and fetures. :stuck_out_tongue:


@p0ke thanks for finding a solution! :smile: I’m in the process of integrating LED number control within the client application.

For the rest if you are having issues with icons after Xamarin update: do not update GTK Sharp with Xamarin. You can update Xamarin, but leave GTK Sharp old version. Simple way to fix this:

  • Close Xamarin and BlinkStick Client
  • Open up Programs and Features in the control panel, uninstall Gtk# for .NET 2.12.x
  • Reinstall BlinkStick Client application

Now you can use both Client application and Xamarin, but do not upgrade Gtk# when Xamarin suggests you to do that. For some reason new version of Gtk# removed stock icons and they are no longer available in the default installation. I will have to add them manually into the next Client application release.

All Buttons are gone

@arvydas thanks for that,i knew it was somthing to do with the update,ile do as you explain,also do you have an infra red blinkstick with remote in the works for the future,i think it would be a great idea :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@p0ke Hi mate,just a quick question,what value is this resistor .511k on multimeter,i dont understand the points placements and what they mean? and what would the value be if there was a zero like so 0.511k,my multimeter is outo ranging and i realy need to try get my head round it all.simple for some but ime dyslexic too so i dont see numbers and points etc like others do,its a mamoth task for me to get my brain to figure stuff like that out,if i even see it lol


I´m not sure if I understand what you need. Do you asking about how to use a multimeter?
I think this is not really the place for teaching electronics but I can recommend the spark fun tutorials. For the usage of a multimeter they have made a great video. Take a look at this one:

For resistors look at 5:48

Hope ot helps.


Great stuff thanks pal :wink:


Hi p0ke,

Do you still have a copy of your test tool please, I have the same problem?

BlinkStick Flex not working, only first 8 LEDs, no AmbiLight

Hey John,

activated the link again:


Hi p0ke,

Thanks very much, after using your test tool, all the Leds work fine.


After using @p0ke’s tool, the Python API recognizes 32 LEDS, but still only changes the first 8. Any ideas?


You can only change 8 LEDs at once, it is a Hardware Limit. For LEDs > 8 use set_color with the Index or use set_led_data