Not seeing devlices online


Have just re-discovered these devices after a long time and am trying to get them working again.

Locally the nano and strip work fine, but I cannot see them online.

Are there are firewall things that need setting … port forwarding?



Do you have BlinkStick Client application running?


Yes, the new version. Have copied the code over from the website to the app too. Several times after generating new codes. The little copy icon behaves oddly so I just manually copy/pasted.




Just to confirm, running 2.0-rc10 on Windows 10. Internet fine. Have tried switching off the local Windows defender/firewall stuff to no effect. Can it be that my router needs some twiddles?


Ok, still having no luck with this at all :frowning:

Are there any firewall ports that need forwarding / opening ?




Can you please enable logging on BlinkStick Client application and send me over the logs to info at blinkstick dot com? You will find logging options in the Settings tab. Make sure you quit the application and start it again after you change the settings.


Ok, just done … thanks!