New to programming anything


Hi there, I’m not good at programming at all and I just got the blinkstick square. Can anyone direct me to what program to use and where I can learn to use it so I can benefit from the square? Thank you in advanced.


Hey Justin, welcome to the forums.
If you just want to “use” your Square, install the BlinkStick Client (BlinkStick Client 2.0-rc release) and play around with it´s functions.
If you want to “program” with the Square there are tutorials in the tutorial section of ( or examples in the github section regarding the certain languages (


Ok cool, thanks. I guess worst case I can google or youtube to learn the languages?


I don’t see anything regarding the sqaure in the tutorials…


Hey Justin,
the base for every BlinkStick is the BlinkStick Pro, so there isn´t code for a special type of BlinkStick.
My personal favorite programming language is C#/.NET. Here is an example you could use with a square:

The BlinkStick caused me also to start programming with python. So if you prefer python an example for you could be this: index=12 will not work with a square as it has 8 LEDs only so set the index to 5 or so.
I hope these examples could lead you to the right direction.

Edit: The most simple examples can be found here: Take a look at the section “Is it easy to control a BlinkStick?”. You´ll find tabs for 6 different programming languages each with a small code which works with a square also.


I tried the blink stick client but doesn’t seem to work for this blink square. I can get a light on but the patterns don’t work and show the blink stick not the square…


I tried python, i don’t know what i’m doing at all, I just want to know how to program this square with different lights for different things. I wish this wasn’t so hard :frowning:


I tried Processing and it seems to work, but how do I write to the square so I can use it in a 3d printed candle?



please take a look at this site. Under “Examples” are a few code snippets that should help:


Yah, I got that working and all but how do I upload the programming to the blinkstick square so I can use the square in a 3d printed lamp plugged into the wall outlet?


BlinkSticks do not support this feature. They require a computer to drive them through USB.


Well that sucks. This was a waste of money then. I was hoping to take whatever I programmed and made to work…


A lot of people use a tiny computer like a Raspberry Pi to drive the Blinkstick when it’s being used as an appliance like that.


Ok, that would be fine, like the pi3 or just pi1? More help lol. Sorry i’m such a noob at this stuff, i’m excellent at computers otherwise lol.


Either would work. As long as it runs Linux and has a USB port to plug it into. I’ve got the Pi1B and it works just fine with my BlinkStick Flex.


Ok cool, ill keep in contact when ready to do so, im not familiar with Linux either lol. I’ll need to be spoon fed for this one lol.


I would also prefer a Pi1 as it is very cheap…


Blinkstick is compatible with Arduino programming, but you need be able to flash it, which I believe requires some special (but not expensive) equipment.

That would allow you to make it do what ever you want by itself when you turn it on. The firmware it comes with is only designed for computer control over usb.