Native Library / HID command reference


Is there a native library (or usb hid command reference) available that can be used to control the device using delphi/pascal (or C/C++) for windows and linux arm.


Oh, good old Delphi/Pascal! It’s how I started programming! :grin:

Sadly we don’t have that yet, because you are the first to ask! There is however C/C++ implementation over here:

I’ll see if I can come up with something for Delphi.



Thanks for the response.
From the code I could derive a simple hid feature report is used to control the device.
It would be interesting to describe this in the api section for developers that are not able to use the provided libraries.

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Hi there, I would purchase a couple of BlinkStick Squares, if I could control them from Delphi/Pascal. Basically, I would need a COM dll and a tlb file, to create the wrapper unit. I found this one: but it is already 4 years old. Any news or updates on this?

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It does the job pretty well. BlinkStick APIs have not changed so there has not been a need to add new features, but if you need anything just let me know.


Sounds good! Is there a place to download dll and tlb file, as I have no means to compile this project myself? These files are not part of the client application…

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