Nano firmware on github


I have ordered a Nano and I like t very much. I did notice that the firmware in GitHub does not have the Nano firmware. Will you be releasing it?

Hey Pablo,

how do you want to change the firmware on the Nano?

Hi p0ke,

I’m more interested in how it is different from the others. I have learned a lot from the code and I’m curious.


Well I think publishing the Nano firmware (basicly the Pro firmware) does not have the highest priority but it will be at github sooner or later.

BUMP :smile:

I want to use Digispark clone and two LEDs WS2812B, but firmware from Github (after modifications) works only as BlinkStick v1.1 with one LED (Windows client 2.0-rc9).

Well…I was able to do this …

I was able to get a two WS2812 leds on a digispark module to show up as a nano :smile:

Using the pro software from GitHub I had to …

  • change the USB id
  • change which pins the USB data is on in the config
  • hard-code the name in the firmware
  • chang the bootloader on the digispark so that it boots directly to the blinkstick (optional)