Lighting Inside PC Case


I was thinking of buying a Blinkstick to illuminate the inside of my PC case. Would the standard Blinkstick provide enough light for this purpose? Or would I require the strip / square?



it depends on your case. But I would prefer one or two strips to get a good effect. The light of only one LED will get lost in a PC case.

Standard BlinkStick is quite bright, but Strip or Square is 8 times brighter as they have 8 LEDs instead of just 1. You would need a USB adapter to connect to your motherboard.

Basicly one should be bright enough, but i´ve tested a BlinkStick Pro in my Cube and the light is getting lost somehow. For an empty case it could be enough, but there are too many obstacles in a PC case :slight_smile: .
btw: Good to have you back Arvy!

I have big plans for PC LED lighting, stay tuned!