LED 04 on 8 led blinkstick, no blue

i have a 8 LED blinkstick, and LED04, (from LED00) suddenly has no blue anymore? i normally use it in all white mode and noticed there was more yellow than normal, so i cycled through and noticed that the fifth LED (LED04) has no blue anymore? is there any way to fix this or is it just dead and i am i SOL now?

What are you using to control the LEDs? I had the same problem with the last LED on the stick (see here), but the problem was only present in the javascript library that blinkstick provides. When using python I didn’t have that problem.

Have you tried different ways of controlling the LEDs? Since it might just be a software problem, like I had

no, i have not, i have only been using the 2.0 RC of the blinkstick client.
and it is a new issue, not one i have had for a while.

what do you use exactly?

Ah ok my bad. In that case, I think you will have to try to reach out to the developers / creators of the blinkstick. It’s either a bug in the blinkstick client release (if you updated it recently) or it might be your hardware.

I don’t use the blinkstick client, but rather access the LEDs through my own written program. Sorry for not being able to help further