Issue with GetFeature exception being thrown, USB, BlinkStick


I got the 8 LED Blinkstick light strip.

I made a program on my PC that uses the BlinkStick through a .NET application.

On my testing PC the blink stick runs and operates fine.

However when I put the program on my live machine, the blinkstick starts to work, but a few seconds later I get an exception about “GetFeature” failed.

Both machines are running Windows 7 Home Edition, 64 bit…

I looked at the Blinkstick class and it looks like it attempts to get the buffer from the blinkstick about 5 times then fails…

I checked to see if maybe the USB doesn’t have enough Power and the power settings for all the USB connections… Those seem ok.

So was wondering if anyone else experienced this issue or if any one might have an idea on what else to look at.


Can you post the bit of code you use to set the color?


– This is the jist of it here… I open the device, then I loop through each light and pulse it with a different colour. Basically this is my init routine, so we can verify all lights work. I didn’t have the Thread.Sleeps in there at first. However they don’t seem to fix the issue.

I tried running the example programs that are provided. The Morph example, shows the first LED pulsing different colours. When I run it on my test machine, the colour morphing is smooth. However when i run it on my live machine, the light seems to flicker on and off quickly while the colours morph. It feels like there is something interfering with it, but I’ve gone through to close off all programs in the background. I’ve also tried unplugging all the USB devices to see if it might be a power issue, but I still get the same results.

It is almost like something it polling the USB connection and causes it to delay the communication of the blinkstick… not sure about that though. Do you know if the Microsoft POS software might have issues with it? My live machine is my POS register at my store. I’ve tried running my test machine with all the POS software on it and it didn’t seem to cause any issues with the blinkstick.

int index = 0;
int repeat = 1, duration = 20, steps = 10;

_light = BlinkStick.FindFirst();
if (_light == null) return;

_light.Pulse(0, index++, RgbColor.FromRgb(Color.Red.R, Color.Red.G, Color.Red.B), repeat, duration, steps);
_light.Pulse(0, index++, RgbColor.FromRgb(Color.OrangeRed.R, Color.OrangeRed.G, Color.OrangeRed.B), repeat, duration, steps);

} catch(Exception e)
System.Windows.Forms.MessageBox.Show("Exception Occurred: " + e.Message, “Alert Init Error”);


I might have figured out what is causing the issue… Got to do some more troubleshooting to pin point it down.

Edit: It has something to do with my program. I was able to get it to run fine on the live machine. My program claims a connection to a barcode scanner and when it does that, it seems to mess around with the light stick usb connection.

Thanks for the quick reply.