Is this a scam!? WTF is going on?

I’m now convinced that the owner of Binkstick is just scamming people. Documentation is absolutely trash and the product is still being sold like everything is OK.

The cmd version of Blinkstick can’t even turn LEDs in the Flex pass the 9th LED. @arvydas can you honestly say that this project is worth being sold as it is? I bought 2 flexes from you and they’re pretty much useless.

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Hi! Thanks for your patience and I’m sure we can sort out any issues you are having. Could you please give me more details what you are using to control BlinkStick Flex? Which of the API implementations are you using?

I’m wondering the same thing. There’s nothing informing the public that this is a dead project. The Python API hasn’t worked for years, and they they still sell the hardware as if nothing happened

I purchased one of the devices and while I find the USB implementation somewhat flaky, the devices do work. I put together my own interface for C++ that uses hidapi.dll directly. I just didn’t see the utility in having another layer between my application and the hidapi.dll.

I am going to suggest that the Blynkstick product from Embrava is likely an outgrowth of this device. It seems to have a better USB interface but is twice the price.

The blinksticks and strips works, the windows interface is not 100% perfect, but it works. The extranet / webservice / API works since years (for a onetime device payment and no monthly fee): incoming webhooks are fast relayed to the linked blinksticks, so…