Invoices Orders


HI I have tried several times to order 20pcs of square via email.
Not replying for my order from normal address.
I tested one square for my needs and it is Ok didn’t got the invoice for this one ???
Need to order 20 pcs more
How should I order tohes to get the invoice for the company name ???


@dominik will have a look and will get back to you in a bit.


The company name was LOCO Poland
Need to order 20pcs of square fast … very fast bvut with the invoice .
I can order those via eshop but need to know if get the invoice ???
Thanks for help


Yes, invoices won’t be a problem. I’m looking for your emails now.


The invoice for the first one was for the order #4950.
How should I order via shop to get the invoice for company ?


Sent an email back to you, did you receive it?


Yes replied to this
Will you send me performa invoice for 20 pcs Square BlinkStick USB or should i order via E-Shop


Will send you a quote in a bit. Let’s continue our discussion in email :slight_smile:


Hi Arvydas
Received the good express delivery thanks.
Invoice needed …



Invoice please , needed immediatelly for LOCO