Integrate blinkstick in node.js app

I use a service called pushover to receive notifications on my devices. I have installed an unofficial app called Pullover on my Mac. The code of this app is available on github. I was thinking if it would be possible to integrate blinkstick node into Pullover. Then if I will receive a notification with title:“blink” (or something random), instead of a notification on my Mac, the Pullover app will light up my blinkstick.
Do you think it’s possible?

I don’t know anything about node.js. I found a file in Pullover’s code called Notifier.js and I added a condition before calling the “nativeNotify” function that checks the notification’s title and if it’s “blinkstick” it calls another function. That test was succesful but I am not able to light up blinkstick within this function. I’m getting many errors when I try to build the code. What should I install before building? I tried “npm install blinkstick” in Pullover src folder. Could you give me some instructions on how to call blinkstick actions within another node.js app?

Hey John,
I neither have skills regarding Mac nor node.js, just to give you a response.
If you can post a link to the app you’re talking about it could be helpful for anyone trying to help you.
Maybe a snipped of your code is also a good idea.

The app is here.
I am trying to add blinkstick actions in Notifier.js. This is what I tried.

I want to know if my approach is correct. Would that be possible to be done?